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at Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos
Red Bull Batalla De Los Gallos 2019
June 22
National Final / Chile

July 7
National Final / Mexico

July 13
National Final / Spain

July 21
National Final / Dom. Rep.

August 10
National Final / Colombia

August 17
National Final / Costa Rica

August 25
National Final / Cuba
Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos is the most important Spanish-speaking freestyle competition in the world. 16 countries in Latin America and Spain participate in this competition, each one choosing its best national MC through a national competition. The 16 winners will compete against each other in one final event, in order to achieve the Competing International Winner trophy. In pairs, each MC has one minute to improvise about their opponent, trying to win the battle and the vote of the jury. The loser of each battle will be eliminated, while the other will continue on to the next round until just two remain for the final battle.

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